BMX Track Designers, Builders & General Landscapers


 Welcome to JB Extreme Landscapes, specialists in cycle track construction and general landscaping.

Established in 2017, we boast over 10 years experience in BMX race track building, mountain bike trail landscaping as a fully qualified digger driver.

JB Extreme Landscapes has already established itself as one of the top track building companies in the UK with having already completed work on the Derby BMX British championship track, Milton Keynes national track and a consultant for a proposed UCI supercross track in Cornwall.

We have already secured maintenance contracts for several tracks across the UK and now comprise of a small team of dedicated and passionate people with backgrounds in BMX, track / course building and event management.

We are professional level riders ourselves which means we have the essential knowledge of how a track should flow and what distances and transitions each obstacle should have in order for it to work safely and be enjoyable for riders of all levels!

Bringing Extreme to a landscape near you!

We live and breathe sports, particularly cycling, but this doesn’t limit the activities our tracks can bring to users of all ages  – skateboarding, inline and scootering to name a few.

We have over 10yrs expertise, experience and passion to design and build tracks of all variants – ranging from small pump tracks to full-size national standard BMX tracks, and let’s not forget those cycling paths & mountain bike trails.

We can supply initial consultation and surveys, 3D computer designs, construction and ongoing maintenance.

Welcoming all enquiries, regardless of size.


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