Track Building

So many tracks!

Flat Cycle Tracks           Balance Bike Tracks           Pump Tracks            Race Tracks

What’s the difference?


Flat Cycle Tracks / Paths

These smooth tracks are designed to cater to all things wheels, from drift trikes to wheelchairs!
A perfect area to learn how to cycle, these tracks can range from 1m to 6 metres in width, anything is possible with these simple layouts.

Balance Bike Tracks

This is a scaled down version of a pump track, catering for ‘balance bikes’ which are suitable for very early learners. As cute as this track may seem, do not underestimate it’s lifelong teaching value.     


 Pump Tracks 

This is the progressive step from a flat track and can cater for a variety of sports depending on surface choice.
This track hosts a circuit style, consisting of numerous bends (known as berms) and humps (rollers/table tops/step up etc)
This is usually the first track where users will have the opportunity to learn/understand how to control sporting equipment whilst airborne – providing them with the skills to eventually progress onto riding official Race tracks.

If riders lack confidence to be airborne, this track will still provide hours of entertainment.


Race Tracks

These tracks are serious creations, usually supported by a BMX Club, these tracks have their own set of regulations and can reach national standard.
If you’re looking for a serious track, this is it! (and we know how to build them)

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